If you have an apartment furnished and equipped, and you want to start, or you already have a profitable business in the business of short term rentals, but you have no time to manage reservations, RENT SHORT by Le Case Incantate is a FREE solution for you.

The market for short term rentals is rising as it represents a valid alternative to hotels and guarantees:

  • more privacy and independence
  • more flexibility and space to live
  • low costs.

Rentshort by The Enchanted Homes will manage on behalf and on behalf of the owner of all booking sites at which it is registered, by consulting them daily to check for reservations. Will prevent overlapping of dates can be unpleasant, will provide explanations to potential customers and only after booking will warn the owner (via email and SMS) on check-in and check-out of guests. All you have to do is welcome your guests and cash overnight.

Don’t¬†worry about:

  • check email reservations.
  • overbooking.
  • advertise your business with continuous updates.
  • bureaucratic aspects of your business.

Get the following services:

  • Creating web page on the site structure RentShort by Le Case Incantate.
  • Business Plan of the Territory and Competitors.
  • Advertising on major national and international tourist portals.
  • Managing announcements on their internet sites.
  • the email daily management.
  • Updating Calendars.
  • Acceptance / Rejection reservations.
  • Newsletter.
  • Reservations notification via SMS and email.
  • Advertising of the structure on social networks.
  • bureaucratic assistance.
  • flexible prices.
  • 7 Days assistance

The Affiliation

The affiliation with Rentshort by Le Case Incantate is totally free, upon registration you can upload independently, or helped by one of our consultants, your business. The affiliation provides for a percentage of 10% on the amounts of reservations only on those procured through the RentShort by Le Case Incantate activities.

Get more information calling 377 95 86 025 or send us an email using the form on the contact page. If you wish to immediately start uploading your business, register by completing the registration form found on this page.